About Us

ORIGO was established in 1997 when co-founders James Burnett and Dr Calvin Irons identified the need to meet a growing demand for professional development in mathematics. With the vision of making a positive contribution to children’s education, James and Cal began writing and producing mathematics resources from a makeshift office in James’ home. Today, ORIGO provides and publishes a complete education solution to its customers by combining an innovative range of mathematics products with quality professional learning services.

Originally trading as Prime Education, in 2003 the company name was changed to ORIGO – Latin for “original” or “the source” – reflecting their commitment to ORIGO becoming the premier source of inspiration for math teachers. Their product range illustrates this commitment, with a diverse selection of creative products that bring a renewed enthusiasm to students’ learning experience.

ORIGO publishes and covers all facets of primary mathematics education: from traditional printed products to digital interactive resources and professional learning. Their product ranges from the core curriculum to manipulatives. ORIGO demonstrates a commitment to excellence by creating products that inspire and empower teachers & students.

ORIGO provides mathematical resources and professional learning to educators throughout the world. Our national headquarters in Brendale, Queensland, provides customers with quality service, support and resources.

Our Authors

Dr. Melinda Schwartz

Dr. Melinda Schwartz has been an educator for over 30 years. Melinda has a masters in early childhood education and
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Jessica Bobo

As an outspoken advocate for early childhood education, Jessica is well aware of the value an enriching early learning experience
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Dr. Sara Delano Moore

Sara Delano Moore, Ph.D. is the learning services manager at ORIGO Education and a contributing author to Visible Learning in Mathematics. An
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Dr. Calvin Irons

Calvin Irons has been involved in mathematics education for over 50 years. He started his career as a specialist teacher
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Rosemary Irons

Rosemary is a consultant and curriculum developer for mathematics education specialising in early childhood. Rosemary conducts seminars for teachers and
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James Burnett

James Burnett is the co-founder and president of ORIGO Education. He started the company because he is passionate about education
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Allan Turton

Allan has been writing with ORIGO Education since 2003 and is currently Senior Author. During this time with ORIGO he
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Allison Curci

Allison earned her BA in Mathematics and Mathematical Education at Boston University, USA.

Anna Parthemos

Anna graduated from Boston University, USA in 2007 with a degree in Secondary Education with a concentration in Mathematics.

Maureen Halpenny

Maureen is a high school mathematics teacher in Somerville, Massachusetts, USA.

Geoff Morgan

Geoff is a mathematics consultant in Brisbane, Australia.

Peter Stowasser

Peter has been researching and writing for ORIGO Education since late 2009. He has contributed to the development of both
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Debi DePaul

Debi started her career teaching high school mathematics in Washington State. She is a contributing author of ORIGO Stepping Stones
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Brian Tickle

Brian is a private mathematics consultant, recently retired from the position of Mathematics Consultant for the New South Wales Department
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Lauren Forger

Lauren is currently a high school mathematics teacher in Braintree, Massachusetts, USA.

Mal Shield
BSc, BEdSt, DipEd, MEd, PhD

Mal was a secondary mathematics and science teacher for 16 years before he moved into teacher education in 1986.

Carole Greenes
BA, MEd, DEd

Carole is Dean of the School of Educational Innovation and Teacher Preparation at Arizona State University, USA.

Carol Findell

For more than 30 years Carol has been a mathematics educator for preschool through to college levels.

Elizabeth Warren
BSc, BA, DipEd, MEd, PhD

Elizabeth’s area of interest and expertise is in the teaching and learning of algebra.

Carmel Diezmann
Dip Teach, BEd, MEd, MEd (Higher Ed), PhD

Carmel specialises in early childhood and primary mathematics education.

Judy Hartnett

Judy is a private mathematics education consultant who has worked as a university lecturer and an education advisor in state
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