GO Maths NSW Support

To keep GO Maths schools up to date and informed, ORIGO provides online support that includes the latest information, resources lists, assessment tasks, frequently asked questions and answers, and other updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

GO Maths Half Yearly Tests Answers

Email ORIGO to request free 4-page answer booklets for each GO Maths half yearly test. The booklet includes teachers notes that show the related strand and outcome, key learning, and corresponding GO Maths unit number for each test question. Answers booklets available:

  • Stage 1A First Half Test
  • Stage 1A Second Half Test
  • Stage 1B First Half Test
  • Stage 1B Second Half Test
  • Stage 2A First Half Test
  • Stage 2A Second Half Test
  • Stage 2B First Half Test
  • Stage 2B Second Half Test
  • Stage 3A First Half Test
  • Stage 3A Second Half Test
  • Stage 3B First Half Test
  • Stage 3B Second Half Test

GO Maths Scope and Continuum Chart

View a text-only version of the Scope and Continuum Chart for GO MathsThis chart describes the complete teaching sequence for each strand and sub-strand of the New South Wales Syllabus from ES1 (Year K) to Stage 3B (Year 6) as it is presented in the GO Maths core program. (A large, full-colour version is available for purchase here.)

NSW Syllabus Correlations

NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum Cross-referenced with GO Maths NSW

2002 NSW Syllabus Cross-referenced with GO Maths NSW

Fundamentals and GO Maths

Fundamentals is a 6-book series of number games written by Brian Tickle and James Burnett and referenced in the GO Maths program. View the units in GO Maths that are supported by Fundamentals games.

GEO Series and GO Maths

The GEO series is designed to help teachers make geometry a fun and interactive component of their mathematics curriculum. View the geometry units in GO Maths that are supported by activities in the GEO series.

Commerical Resources and GO Maths

ORIGO has compiled a list of commercial resources useful for implementing GO Maths. Print the easy-to-use checklists for each stage of the GO Maths program, check what you require, and take them to your educational manipulatives supplier.