Animated Big Books Set – Year F (5 year subscription)



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This Foundation set includes these 12 animated titles (in English):

  1. Sweet Dreams
  2. Ten Happy Hens
  3. Mirror Mirror
  4. Hip Hop Hippos
  5. The Bug Day Out
  6. I Spy
  7. The Clown’s New Clothes
  8. Paint a Rainbow
  9. I See, You See
  10. The Space Party
  11. The Cat Nap
  12. Perfect Patterns

This is a 5 year digital subscription.

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Product Details

ORIGO Animated Big Books for Foundation–Year 2 are designed to teach maths skills conceptually, and in a logical, learner-friendly sequence that develops deep understanding and success. Now you can share the love of reading in the classroom and at home. Our earliest learners are engaged in discourse and discussion about mathematical ideas like never before!

Enhance instruction and engage students during in-person or distance learning lessons.

  • Suitable for a range of classroom settings: whole group, small group and independent reading
  • New, rich questions encourage inference and rigor
  • Support math practices related to discourse, critique and reason
  • Embedded vocabulary support

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Features & Benefits

Each ORIGO Animated Big Book is fully supported with activities for lessons and differentiation through the digital ORIGO Big Book Tools and Tunes resources.


Target Audience

This set of Animated Big Books is targeted at a Foundation level.

Series Overview

Research tells us that young students need an understanding of mathematical concepts that involves more than just the symbolic notation used to record them. At ORIGO we believe instruction should provide stages of language development (shown on the right) to ensure a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.

Children begin by using their own natural language to describe mathematical concepts. As we share and act out the stories in the Big Books, we add to their language and mental picture of the concept. Then we add more mathematical and, finally, symbolic language to build a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the concept. Because language is the tool that learners use to connect new ideas to existing ideas, ORIGO Animated Big Books provides extensive opportunities with engaging visuals, rich questions, and catchy tunes.