ORIGO Big Books For Early Learning

Let maths come alive with ORIGO Big Books and Tunes for Early Learning!

Encourage your little learner’s love of rhyme, rhythm and engaging stories with Big Books and Tunes for Early Learning.

These 12 large-format storybooks use captivating language and pictures to introduce key maths language and ideas, whilst encouraging participation through accompanying tunes and interactive online activities.

Each title introduces and reinforces the essential mathematical language for key mathematics concepts as shown below:

Buster the Balloon: Comparing two objects
Caty the Caterpillar: Time and Sequencing Events
How Many Animals?: Counting to Five
I think I’ll go flying: Positional Language
Parker’s Patterns: Repeating Patterns
Peter Piper: Addition and Subtraction
Polly Loves Puzzles: Counting up to Ten objects
Stan the Firefighter: Comparing three objects
The Racing Horses: Ordinal Numbers
The Same Game: Sorting
Which Floor Please?: Number and Relative Position
Look and See: 3D Objects

Book Size: 430mm x 330 mm (larger than A3)



ORIGO Big Books For Early Learning

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