Big Books Year F

These engaging, large-format storybooks build on young students’ natural love of stories and develop mathematical concepts through language and pictures. Each title introduces and reinforces the essential mathematical language for key mathematics concepts as shown below:

Sweet Dreams: Counting quantities to ten
Mirror Mirror: Doubling numbers to five
Hip Hop Hippos: Numbers and relative position
The Bug Day Out: Numbers eleven to sixteen
I Spy: Positional Language
The Clown’s New Clothes: Length
I See,You See: Representing numbers one to ten
Ten Happy Hens: Take-away Subtraction
Paint a Rainbow: Numbers one to seven
Perfect Patterns: Making and describing patterns
The Space PartyMultiplication (Equal Groups)
The Cat Nap: Time on the Hour

Book Size: 430mm x 330 mm (larger than A3)

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Big Books Year F

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