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Encourage your little learner’s love of rhyme, rhythm and engaging stories with Big Books and Tunes for Early Learning.

These 12 large-format storybooks use captivating language and pictures to introduce key maths language and ideas, whilst encouraging participation through accompanying tunes and interactive online activities.

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Big Books Look and See introduces three-dimensional objects for the cube, cylinder, rectangular prism, cone, pyramid, and sphere. Students identify and describe 3D objects in the environment around them. They talk about the characteristics of these objects using terms such as flat, curved, roll, and stack.
These whole-class/ large group and small-group activities provide students with the opportunity to:

  • listen to a story about 3D objects
  • listen to the accompanying tune
  • use materials to identify and describe objects that have three dimensions
  • use the teaching tool to identify, describe, match, sort, and compare 3D objects
  • represent 3D objects using real-life materials from the environment

Features & Benefits

Each ORIGO Big Book is fully supported with activities for lessons and differentiation through the digital ORIGO Big Book Tools and Tunes resources. Book Size: 430mm x 330 mm (larger than A3)

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Series Overview

ORIGO Big Books build on young students’ natural love for learning and stories to help you introduce key mathematical concepts. These large-format storybooks develop and reinforce mathematical language and understanding.

ORIGO Big Book Tools bring to life characters and concepts from the books. These engaging and easy-to-use interactive tools make the most of young students’ enthusiasm for play and learning. The series is also supported by teacher’s notes, which offer a wide range of activities to help you reinforce and extend on new learning.