Big Books Year 1

These engaging, large-format storybooks build on young students’ natural love of stories and develop mathematical concepts through language and pictures. Each title introduces and reinforces the essential mathematical language for key mathematics concepts as shown below:

Cupcake Capers: Take-away Subtraction
Stella’s StoreSkip Counting by Five
Mice, Mice Everywhere: Static Addition
The Best Bug: Non-Standard Units of Length
Muddy, Muddy Mess: 3D Object and 2D Shapes
Where is Hare?: Position, Direction and Movement
A Bear’s ShareDivision (Sharing)
Patterns Here, Patterns There: Patterns
Addtron: Using Doubles to Add
How Many Legs?: Number Combinations
Shoes in Twos: Counting in steps of two
Scaredy Cats: Combinations of ten

Book Size: 430mm x 330 mm (larger than A3)

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Big Books Year 1

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