Big Books Year 2

These engaging, large-format storybooks build on young students’ natural love of stories and develop mathematical concepts through language and pictures. Each title introduces and reinforces the essential mathematical language for key mathematics concepts as shown below:

The Fun MachinesAddition and Subtraction
A Dozen Dizzy DinosaursDivision (Equal Groups)
Joe’s Carrots: Missing-Addend Subtraction
Bears on Buses: Active Addition
The Flower Pot Hen: Representing Data
Our Sister’s Surprise: Missing-Addend Subtraction
The Pirates’ GoldDivision (Sharing)
The Big Bug BandMultiplication (Arrays)
The Tiny Town Train: Time past the Hour
Clowning Around: Collecting and Representing Data
Munch and Crunch: Doubling and Halving
A Simple Stew: Growing Number Patterns

Book Size: 430mm x 330 mm (larger than A3)

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Big Books Year 2

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