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Partner with our expert team to implement 10-week self-paced full school professional learning programs

Challenging the way teachers view mathematics happens slowly over time (Muis, 2004). It is not some magical bean ingested in a one off PowerPoint presentation. Change is more likely to occur when teachers reflect on their practice, talk to other teachers about teaching, engage with experts in the field, and revisit their thinking over time (Hattie, 2009). If you are after something different, and want to break the mould of more traditional professional learning options, then these coaching opportunities are for you.

ORIGO Education is offering two 10-week professional learning programs, Language and Literacy in Mathematics and Problem Solving in the Classroom.

These programs are delivered online and include: 

  • Full school program
  • 10 week self-paced program
  • 4 key topics at 2 week intervals
  • Videos, tasks, content and support resources provided
  • Ongoing guidance from ORIGO Education (3 x one-on-one sessions)
  • Professional learning certificate on completion for all attendees
  • Access to Stepping Stones for the duration of the course (10 weeks)
  • Discount for schools who already use Stepping Stones to supplemental resources

Product Details



The Book and Box of Facts Strategies: Addition and Subtraction, seamlessly builds the foundational understanding and skills of fact fluency for multiplication and division. Engaging activities are organised into an easy-to-use teaching sequence designed to promote effective retention. Students build confidence as they use the powerful visual models to develop fluency with the number facts.

This resource can be easily integrated into any core mathematics program. It can be used for general instruction, intervention, or remediation with the whole group, small groups, or individuals.

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Problem Solving in the Classroom, Language and Literacy in Mathematics

Features and Benefits



The Book and Box of Fact Strategies: Addition and Subtraction set features:

  • Fact fluency, built on understanding
  • Formative assessment options to monitor student achievement
  • Print and DIGITAL tools, games, and strategy cards
  • Embedded professional learning
  • Ongoing practice to engage student


The Box of Fact Strategies: Addition and Subtraction Classroom Box includes:

  • Fact Cards – 55 fact cards
  • Hundred charts (1-100: empty) – 15 cards.
  • Number lines (0-100: empty) – 30 cards
  • Sharing mats (÷2) and grouping mats – 15 cards
  • Sharing mats (÷4 and ÷5) – 15 cards
  • Strategy cards – 14 cards
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to use the cards


Digital resources that accompany the Teacher Book include:

  • instructional videos for teachers, students, and families
  • interactive games to increase student engagement
  • dynamic tools to make instruction easier

The Student Book is accompanied by a 1 year digital subscription.

Target Audience



This resource is targeted for:

  • Year 1
  • Year 2
  • Year 3
  • Year 4

Series Overview



The Book and Box of Fact Strategies: Addition and Subtraction series develops thinking strategies for Addition and Subtraction number facts. The Teacher and Student Book of Fact Strategies complements the resources included in The Box of Fact Strategies. Use the resources included or create your own with the blueprints provided.

The Box of Facts has 200+ ready-to-use cards for introducing and reinforcing essential number fact thinking strategies. Use these with the activities in The Book of Fact Strategies series.