Stepping Stones Student Journal – Year 5



About this product

For Years F–6, the Student Journal include lessons and practice to make teaching easier throughout each Year level. 

Product Details

Each Year level provides 12 modules of instruction and includes a student glossary with written definitions, examples, and visual representations. With comprehensive lessons, instructional notes, differentiation resources, assessment, and more, teachers have all the tools needed to deliver an effective instructional experience with Stepping Stones.

Features & Benefits

ORIGO Stepping Stones balances the dimensions of rigor by:

  • Developing conceptual understanding using a range of powerful visual models.
  • Creating rich opportunities for classroom discourse and language development.
  • Fostering thinking skills and procedural fluency
  • Providing opportunities to apply learning across real problems, open investigations, and enrichment activities.
  • Offering multiple methods to assess deep understanding, fluency of skills, and applications of mathematics.

Target Audience

Year 5

Series Overview

ORIGO Stepping Stones is an innovative program that integrates print and digital technology to give educators a flexible and balanced mathematics solution. This world-class comprehensive instructional program has been developed for elementary teachers who are implementing college-and-career-readiness standards.