ORIGO Big Poster Books



About this product

Encourage your little learner’s love of rhyme, rhythm and engaging stories with the Early Learning Big Poster Books. 

The Early Learning Big Poster Books are engaging short stories that use rich language, vibrant pictures, and accompanying songs to introduce key mathematical concepts. The unique design of these resources allows teachers to share each story, like a book, then expand the pages to display them as a poster. This series is also supported by play-based activities that help you reinforce and extend new learning through classroom interaction and discourse.

These 12 large-format storybooks use captivating language and pictures to introduce key maths language and ideas, whilst encouraging participation through online activities.

This product includes 12 months free access to the Early Learning Poster Books Tools and Tunes valued at $9.95 P.A. Find out more HERE.

Product Details

Our Big Poster Books are 12  instructive short stories that use engaging language, vibrant illustrations and accompanying songs to help children take their first steps towards understanding mathematical language.

Features & Benefits

The unique design allows educators to share each story as a book, then expand the pages to display it as a an eye-catching poster. Every story includes its own engaging tune and an accompanying activity, allowing educators to create group-based, problem-solving activities that encourage curiosity and imagination.

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